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Are you looking for any kind of unclogging services? Then The Plumbing Expert is here for you. We are experts in clogged drain solutions!

We understand how plumbing necessities my strike at most inconvenient times. For that matter, we have a team of expert who are very much experience I any kind of plumbing problems.

Our team is always readily available and equipped to get the job done one they arrive without much delays. At The Plumbing Expert, the tool and equipment we will use to solve your problem are the most latest and cutting-edge technologies for the purposes of efficiency and quick problem solving.


So, are you in need of a professional plumber in Altadena? The Plumbing Expert is here for all of your plumbing consultations, our technicians will solve your problems and you don’t have to worry about the clogged drain again. Contact us today on (626)365-0849 and we will be right there at your door step immediately. We are dedicated to give our customer exceptional quality of services. Give us a call and try our services.

Clogged Drain

Clog and Drain Services

Clogged drain

To us, clogged drain is a no match, it’s a walk in the park to us, and actually we even can’t count the number of times we have fixed them. The point is, we are extremely professionals to fix your clogged drain. We do unclogging services at most affordable prices. Therefore whenever any of your drains get clogged, don’t ignore it, the solution is one call away. Just contact us to solve it to prevent more damages severe damages to your plumbing system. Additionally, we have worked very hard for our professionalism and excellence from our clients. We will fix your clogged bathroom drains, clogged kitchen drains, as well as clogged sewer lines.

Below are some of the drain cleaning services we offer our clients for clogged drains.

Clogged Drain
Bathroom Drain Cleaning Services

Bathroom drain cleaning services

Bathrooms are an essential facilities in our life. It is very stressing when you are unable to use the bathroom when it is in bad condition due to clogging. There are of course challenges with keeping bathroom showers and tabs clog free. Sometime soap buildup, hair and tooth paste will clog the bathroom sinks.  But you know what? Here at Plumbing Expert fixing such problems is what we do. Give us a call us today at any time of the day.

Kitchen drain cleaning

In the kitchen, we use a lot of detergents, soaps and also fats. After some they build up inside the pipes making kitchen drain to be slow and eventually clogging the sink. If this happens, then you need to seek some professional kitchen drain cleaning services. Don’t hesitate if you face such a problem, give us a call here at Plumbing Experts and we will respond promptly. Our experts will leave your kitchen drain fully function and you with a smile on your face.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning
Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Bathtub drain cleaning

At Plumbing Expert-Altadena, we provide quality and reliable bathtub drain services. Imagine waking up to a clogged bathtub especially if you live in busy household? What would you do? Most of the times we think we can fix bathtub drain problems through dry plumbing. This could course other big problems and it is therefore advisable to seek a professional consultation. Just call us for a quick professional fixing and worry less about the problem persisting.

Floor drain cleaning

Basements floors, laundry as well as utility rooms are also vulnerable to excess water flooding and coursing a mess. The clogging could be coursed by something blocking the floor drains. Our technician will identify what is coursing the blockage, clear it and clean the floor drain pipes. We have all the necessary equipment to get that job done most efficiently and within the shortest period of time possible.

Floor Drain Cleaning
Bathroom Sink Dry Cleaning

Bathroom sink dry cleaning

You will notice a clogged bathroom drain if the sink draining is very super slow. This is a problem that should not be ignored. Some of the courses of such clogging is the bathroom soaps, detergents, hair and the like after building up slowly for some time. The Plumbing Expert have your back on this, give us  call today if your bathroom sink is clogged and our technician be at your service immediately.

Generally, we are plumbing professional and we fix all kinds of clogged drains.