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Residential Plumber Altadena

Residential Plumber

Residential plumbing is a mesh-work of pipe and plumbing system present within the house. The Plumbing Expert in Altadena deals with this kind of jobs, daily!

Commercial Plumbing Altadena

Commercial Plumbing

We provide Commercial Plumbing Services to our Clients in Altadena. Contact us for all installations, maintenance, repairing and upgrading of commercial plumbing.

Slab Leak Altadena

Slab Leak Repair

A slab leak requires immediate repairs. If you neglect repairing it, consequence is home repairs which could cost you much and degrade the home’s foundation. You can count on The Plumbing Expert for slab leak repair.

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Water heater services Altadena

Sinks and faucets

  • Make it an SOP to inspect under the sink for small leaks or moisture. Keep in mind repair your defective faucet right a way to save your water bills.
  • Schedule annually cleaning of faucet aerators.
  • Overflow holes present on vanity and tubs are open and clear to avoid damage to ceilings and floors.



  • For preventing the shower drain from clogging keep few points in mind, clean the strainer on a daily basis.
  • Avoid rinsing cooking oil in the kitchen sink. It will create a clog.
  • Do not use a harsh chemical to clear the pipe. Always contact our team.


Water heaters

  • Number one shut off the water heater switch and carefully read the manual instruction before doing the maintenance of heater by yourself.
  • With time sediment builds in a water heater tank. Empty the water heater tank after every three months.
  • Periodically checking of water heater’s flame is necessary. The color of flame should be blue with a yellow tip. If the color of the flame is more towards yellow, it indicated clogged flue. Call demo plumbing website 45 to check it.

Detection And Inspection Services

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Septic Tank Replacement

Are planning you to replace your septic tank with sewer city system? We highly recommend you yo hire The Plumbing Expert...

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Backflow Testing Services

The Plumbing Expert tackle with backflow preventer problem. Always go for a state-certified company like our company...

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Drain Cleaning Services

The Plumbing Expert is professional in unblocking and cleaning of the bathroom sink and toilet drain clog...

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Sewer Line Inspection

With the most recent equipment, we find out the clogged areas within a few minutes. The Plumbing Expert with years of...

Emergency Plumbing Services Altadena

More Of Our Plumber Servcies

Toilet repair

Shower valve

Rootering service

Garbage disposal

Trenchless pipe repair

Kitchen and bath remodel

Complete or partial copper re-piping

Fireplace shut-off valve installation and more

Bathroom and kitchen fixture replacement and upgrading