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Leaky water pipes can cause extensive damage to your floors, furnishings and ceilings if not detected and treated on time.  Therefore, it is important them repaired in a hurry after they are discovered.

We at The Plumbing Expert in Altadena diagnosing and repairing virtually any type of water leak.

We utilize the latest tools and techniques to precisely locate any leak and provide the most economical and a long-lasting solution to fix it.

No matter your leaky pipe requires a simple patch clamp, carbon fiber reinforcement or welded repair, we can do it all to restore your plumbing and water delivery system to full functionality.

Generally, We Are Plumbing Professional And We Fix All Kinds Of Leak Repair.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are often extremely hard to find and often cause loss of hundreds of gallons of water and excessive foundation damage before they are diagnosed.

If you notice random wet spots, cracks in foundation, around your home, or excessive moisture underneath carpeting, there is a chance that you have a slab leak. Reach out to us for a repair.

We will accurately identify the location of the leak and fix it quickly and efficiently.

Slab Leak Repair
Sewer Line Leak Repair

Sewer Line leak Repair

A leak in a sewer line can not only inflict damage to your property but also create a serious health hazard. Therefore, it is important to have them repaired.

Give us a call. We will inspect your sewer line and fix it efficiently.

Water Line Leak Repair

If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure or if the yard is constantly wet, it is highly likely that your water line is broken. Call us to have it repaired.

We will accurately identify the leak and repair it using the most effective method.

Water Line Leak Repair
Water Heater Leak Repair

Water Heater Leak Repair

If you notice that water is pooling on top of your water heater, odds are high that your inlet or outlet pipe is leaking. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

We will repair and install your water heater to ensure that it is working efficiently.

Generally, We Are Plumbing Professional And We Fix All Kinds Of Leak Repair In Altadena.

Fix a Leaky Shower Faucet

Dripping from your faucet sinks, tubs, or showers can not only cause a significant loss of water but also result in moisture that can cause mold. While some of them are easily visible, many others are out of sight and require attention of a professional.

Call us for help. (626)365-0849 We will identify where the leak is coming from and repair it efficiently.

Fix A Leaky Shower Faucet
Altadena Leak Repair Experts You Can Trust

Altadena Leak Repair Experts You Can Trust

If you notice a visible leak or suspect there is a hidden leak in your home, do not look any further than us for an accurate detection and precision repair service.

We understand that leaky pipes and fixtures can’t be put on hold. Therefore, we remain available 24/7 to provide the leak repair service when you need it most.

Reach out to us to speak with one of our leak repair technicians.